340 Pine Avenue, Deptford, NJ 08096

A Greenway on the Banks of Big Timber Creek in Deptford Township



 The Muskrat is a large member of the mouse family and is named for the strong musk-like odor it secretes. It is a vegetarian that lives in dome shaped huts built out of reeds, cattails and, mud.

Eastern Cotton Tail

 The Eastern Cotton Tail Rabbit eats plants and feeds in the morning and evening. 

Gray Squirrel

 The Gray Squirrel is common at Old Pine Farm and feeds on the seeds of Oaks Mockernut, and other species. 

Box Turtle

 The Box Turtle has a brown and yellow shell and feeds on insects, fruit and leaves. It was once more common , but is becoming scarce because of development and collecting. If see one please leave it in its natural home.

Garter Snake

 The Garter Snake is greenish-brown and has three yellow stripes on its back. It feeds on insects and lives in meadows and woodlands.

Fowler's Toad

 The Fowler's Toad is greenish-gray and has warts on its back. It breeds in puddles and is common in the area.